regina mills appreciation week
day 3, favourite season: three

day two: favourite scene 

Arrow Meme | Three OTP: ‘Laurel and Oliver’ [1/3]

"I don’t know anything about hoods and masks or human weapons or any of this, but I know you. I know you like I know my own name and I realize it may sound crazy in light of your secret, but I know who you are in your bones, Oliver.”  ~ Laurel Lance

Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison - Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot at SDCC 2014

  • Host: Okay guys, what's Mr. Gold's first name? In Storybrooke?
  • Adam: Mr.
  • Host: No no no seriously. What is is?
  • Eddy: Barbara.
  • Host: Barbara Gold?
  • Eddy: Barbara Gold.

"The Robin Hood-Regina story’s one of our favourites"
— Eddy Kitsis from an interview on S4, giving me even more hope for OQ (via secondchanceforoq)



There you go haters. 

There you go haters. 


Robin Hood Appreciation Week ➶ Day Five

Favorite Relationship/Dynamic: Robin + Regina pre-kissing