"I just.. I wanted to show her, show myself… that I was still strong too”

"So show me

Soul mates.
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Outlaw Queen | “A Second Chance”
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Stephen Amell surprised everyone with a quick Q&A today on Twitter. #AskAmell trended to #1 Worldwide quickly. Clear how many fans love our Captain. 

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"That’s a lot of information to get in thirty seconds."


So you have a character on the show who is extremely important for one of the core characters and he’s a guest star. But a new character comes to the show, has no connections to the core cast so far and he’s already a regular. Bravo ABC.


Dinah Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world.

Hey, if I don’t try and save it, who will?



Felicity really bugs me. I don’t get the huge appeal of her character. She was funny at first but now she just feels like fan service.
And I think Laurel is fucking awesome. I wish she got more screen time.

This is taken from an anonymous reddit poster, when asked about an “unpopular opinion”…

I like her and EBR, but the funny thing about Felicity is that she is such stereotypical girly IT that they’ve pushed her skills to the absolute limits   is what I find most annoying. Her inclusion felt like, oh let’s put in here, let her do that with her, and then she can do this. So somehow this girl sat in some back IT office (like you’d find in any organisation), is helping a guy kill people and is okay with it just months later. For me the Arrow writers got carried away with this character and threw all rhyme and reason when they got her to do things. Like disarm the earthquake machine, produce a jacket that explodes (oh and kills innocent guards on duty), soils analysis, disarm another bomb, hack in Russian (WTF?),… I will allow somethings, but really where will it all end. There was no logic to her skills. And yet some of the same people who love Felicity to the ends of the earth, can’t comprehend someone who has been kidnapped multiple times, tortured to almost death, had her boyfriend killed by a madman, experiences loss after loss, survived point blank gun shot at her head, escaped strangulation from an attempted murder plot in the middle of a prison riot, seen her own family & friends kidnapped and beaten… couldn’t possibly become the Black Canary because she hasn’t suffered enough. Sorry, Laurel’s story is a lot more credible than Miss Smoaks, and we still are yet to see Laurel learn to fight, go through whatever with her sister, experience failure in trying to do so. Yeah, now I know why Oliver called her remarkable, because who knows what this young woman will do next.