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"what do you mean ‘heat up’!?"  - Outlaw Queen fandom for the rest of the week (via shipsnthenight)


Favorite Characters | Regina Mills

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wolfy-moon asked: Roland or Henry?


The Life of Neal Cassidy/Baelfire: The Abridged Version


The Life of Neal Cassidy/Baelfire: The Abridged Version



sassymajesty asked: outlaw queen or golden queen
bellefrench asked: outlaw queen or rumbelle

Spoiler TV: POLL: What was your favorite scene from Once upon a Time 3.18 "Bleeding Through"? 

LOL Emma :-D

LOL Emma :-D

I promise you, I will get it back.

Your heart was lost to Zelena on my watch. I promise you, I will get it back.


Livestream links for Season 3 Episode 18: Bleeding Through

  • Those not in the US, you can watch the show live (not as a download) on livestream:
    Stream 1 
    Stream 2
    Stream 3
    Stream 4
  • As for downloads: Due to piracy issues we cannot post download links here ( google can help you ).
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  • The show starts at 8pm EST. Do make sure you calculate your own time difference. For a little help, check this site (or use XKit’s Widgets to add World Clock with EST to your dash).
  • If you’re still confused, there is a countdown clock on our main page.
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